Teaching in the classroom (Ashley)


The first couple of days, when I would walk into the classroom I would be greeted with “Profe! Profe! Aqui!” (sit here!). They were all so excited to see me! (By the way, they still do that—don’t underestimate the ability of child to give you endless love and adoration, something that still humbles me weeks later) One of the girls told me that I should be a queen because I’m so pretty. Another always greets me with a huge hug, saying “Profe Ashley!!” It is certainly an awesome feeling to be so loved by them. Lately, I have been mainly working with two girls in my class. One is relatively well behaved and gets her work done, and just hangs out with the other. But the other wants no part in doing homework and is not afraid to say it. After a few days of working with the girls, in the other’s frustration she began spitting things at me in Spanish (even though I couldn’t quite understand what she was saying, it was pretty easy to tell insult from compliment  ) “Profe, no sabes nada.” (teacher, you don’t know anything) is a usual. The goal of the center is to not only help with homework but also give support in other ways; emotionally, spiritually, etc. It is my hope that in my short time here I can help these girls (and the other kiddos I get to work with) in more ways than correcting their math problems.
Looking back now, I realize that this can be next to impossible to do in just a month and a half. However, I am holding steadfast the power of prayer! Praying for these girls is so important and I am convicted to pray more for them!

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