Snack at The Center (Ashley)

At the center, I help in the second grade classroom for about 1/3 of the time and then the rest of the time I spend helping to prepare, serve, and then clean-up the snack. The leaders of the center are passionate about giving the children nutritious snacks and they do it really well! Every day there is usually a hot drink (except for days we have jello) and some type of cracker. The ninos love snack time and usually happily go for seconds if there is enough. I love feeling helpful in preparing and serving and then washing dishes. However, sometimes I feel only half-dedicated to my classroom; I am able to help some children with their homework for about an hour or so and then I leave to do the snack. Although, I must say that it is SO rewarding to see their smiling, excited faces when I bring the tray to my class. It’s even cooler to see them praying together, thanking the Lord and asking Him to bless their food.


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