Valor & Betsy (June ’13-July ’13)

IMG_5635Valor and Betsy worked with The Center for about 2 months.  During their time with us, they washed hands, served snack, helped tutor 2nd and 4th graders, and planned a fantastic VBS program for the first week of winter vacation.

IMG_5701Betsy worked with the kids to create a craft each day that reflected the week’s theme of “God is Love”.  Valor ran the games each day that also tied into the theme of love.  Both did an incredible job organizing the whole week, and The Center kids had a great opportunity to grow spiritually and learn more about God’s immense love for them.



Shelby (August ’12-July ’13)

Shelby started at The Center in August 2012 and went back to the States in July 2013.


Shelby helped the kids wash their hands when they first arrived at The Center every day, prepared and distributed snack each day, and worked in the 2nd grade classroom both in 2012 and 2013.


Shelby also spent a significant amount of time at the construction site each week and was instrumental in preparing the classrooms for use and many major construction projects at The Center.


Scott (March ’13-July ’13) & Brittany (May ’13-June ’13)


Brittany worked with The Center for a month and a half, and brought a lot of life to our team.  She helped the kids make a craft for Mother’s Day, tutored in 1st grade and helped out with countless other little jobs that helped The Center run smoothly.  Her smile and go-getter attitude was a morale boost for the whole Center!


During Scott’s 4+ months with The Center he tutored lots of third grade kids one-on-one, worked construction weekly, helped with the worship music at The Center church on Sundays, and served and delivered snack to each classroom every afternoon.  He was especially helpful with the troubled kids who needed lots of individual attention.